Clap for yourself Prince Arthur Eze.


Your hypocritical, disgusting, disturbing, dirty and unfortunate attacks on Ndi-Igbo and recently Senator Anyim Pius Anyim has forced me to write this.

Prince Arthur Eze, have you for once, just once condemned the slaughtering of Igbos and other Christians by your kindhearted Fulani masters? Same way you spoke against the Igbo, can you use that same slave mouth to also condemn the killings of Christians in Nigeria? Let’s assume Igbos are not united, are you the one to say it? Who are you attempting to impress? If the Fulanis and North love themselves and are so united and kind why can’t they stop the Almajiri system? Why are they killing themselves all over the North?

However, thank you Chief Arthur Eze for maintaining and sustaining your ‘odibo’ role to the Fulanis. Many without the type of largesse you have enjoyed from them will say worse things than you did. So it’s not a surprise you said what you said against Ndi-Igbo. You are right trying to impress your masters for more ‘Contracts $$$$$’ to come. You can even be like your fellow stooge and namesake Arthur Nzeribe by supplying weapons to them to continue killing us. Where is Arthur Nzeribe today? Money Money more Money will be given to you but remember 1Timothy 6:7 – “For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.”

Prince Arthur Eze our people say ‘Eziafakaego’. Trying to impress Fulani to the detriment of your own people is unfortunate. No matter how good you are at licking their anus, they will still see you as an infidel and deep inside them, they hate you bitterly. Note the following:

  1. Whether you agree or not Ndi-Igbo are the most united, peace loving and industrious nationality in this evil, godforsaken British contraption. The fact that politically, our leaders were/are impose since 1970 and recently as we saw in Imo State with the Supreme Court Governor doesn’t cancel the fact deep inside us, we know as our core values of Igwebuike, Onye aghala nwanneya, Onuru ube nwanne agbala oso, Nwanne di na mba etc. This is why we have several apolitical Igbo Organizations, State Unions, Town Meetings, Family Gatherings, Social Clubs etc in and out of Nigeria binding us together. That is why for example, every Sunday you see that bond being displayed by Igbos in their various meetings. That is the true spirit of unity and love not political maneuverings and shenanigans.
  2. The actions of ‘Air Peace Management’ during the killings in South Africa shows the brotherhood and love among the Igbo. With all your wealth, what did you do to help Igbos in SA? Barrister Onyema demonstrated true ‘Igboness’, love and unity and that is why your Fulani masters came after him. They prefer stooges like you who are only good at running down our race.
  3. The same Fulanis that you are praising and serving are killing other Nigerians especially Igbos and you are the so-called ‘Ozo Igbo Ndu 1 of Igboland’. We are yet to see you in action ‘Ozo Igbo Ndu’. I believe you know the meaning of your title. Empty title, empty vessel. You are more of a Ozo Fulani Ndu.
  4. What is preventing, holding or stopping you from naturalizing to become a Fulani? Since Fulani are the best people in the world, kindly denounce your Igboness and join them. You are highly permitted to do that.
  5. If your son or daughter was/is a victim of Fulani herdsmen, Fulani Militias, Miyetti Allah, Boko Haram, Ansaru, ISWAP, Fulani controlled Nigerian Military etc will you still use your large mouth to talk of the kindness of Fulanis and the North?
  6. Folorunsho Alakija, Mike Adenuga, Wale Tinubu, Femi Otedola etc are Yorubas that were also ‘made’ by the Fulanis but they are hardly seen in political scenes or heard making hypocritical and detestable remarks about their people. What is wrong with you? Are you the only Fulani made Southern Oil Billionaire?
  7. Are you more Nigerian or Northerner than T. Y Danjuma? Are you not in the same category as him – an Oil Billionaire made by the same Fulanis? Yet, he Danjuma saw their evil actions and plans and turned against them. Danjuma told the world what they (Fulanis) are made of, their true colours but as a ‘forever’ ass licker you Eze are here castigating and mocking your own people. May God have mercy on your soul.
  8. The fact that you were not ‘made’ by Igbos doesn’t cancel the reality that millions of successful Igbo traders today doing businesses in various Nigeria markets like Onitsha Main Market, Ochanja market, Mgbuka Obosi, Ariaria Aba, Ogbete Enugu, Eke Onuwa Owerri, International market Oba, Building Materials Ogidi, Abakpa Main Market Abakiliki, Ogbe-Ogonogo Asaba, Ikoku Spare Parts Port Harcourt, Nnewi Markets etc were/are blessed by fellow Igbos who as usual were/are beneficiaries of our ‘Master-Servant-Iba-Boy’ apprenticeship system. This is Igbo-Igbo kindness, help, love, fraternity, brotherhood that is second to none in the world. Millions have benefitted from this system. This doesn’t create Almajiri system. We are not into Almajiri business rather we help and promote ourselves to become ‘somebody’ in life.
  9. Outside Igboland in places like Alaba International Market Ojo Lagos, Trade Fair, Lapido Spare Parts, Lawanson, Idumota Market, Oshodi and other places or states where Igbo businesses are thriving, it’s not your Fulani Masters that made our people to succeed. It’s our kindness to one another, unity and love that made us with the help of God.
  10. After the British-Biafran War, Onicha Ado, Aba Ngwa, Abakiliki, Owerri, Asaba, Enugwu, Asaba, Umuahia etc were rebuilt from aches by Ndi-Igbo. It’s our love for one another, unity, ingenuity, resilience that made these cities what they are today without a single help from the evil Federal Government whose priority is to obliterate us from the surface of the earth. Rather with their insidious policies against us the Fulani controlled Governments have done all they can possibly do to oppress, suppress, subjugate and subdue us. Now they are killing us yet you consider them kind. This is shameful.
  11. We all know that they are Igbos in virtually every country on earth trying hard to survive. It’s not your Fulani Masters who assisted them to get there. Our people are known for opening doors for their brothers to succeed and showing others the ‘way’ to make it.
  12. While it’s a good thing that Fulanis made you a billionaire, it’s also true that there are no good roads in your community, LGA and State. If your Fulani Masters are that good and kind, why can’t they extend their ‘goodness and kindness’ to benefit the populace by allowing ‘True Federation’ or ‘Restructuring’?
  13. You are just part of the ‘Willing Tools’ that Ahmadu Bello predicted that will be use to conquer and suppress non-Fulanis. ‘Willing Tools’ are not limited to Middlebelters alone.
  14. You Arthur Eze despite your ‘love’ for Ndi-Igbo is currently leading a War against your neighboring Abba Community because of land and since you have the Police in your pocket and had attracted Zone 13 Command Headquarters of the Nigerian police Force to your village Ukpo, you are victimizing indigenes of Abba. Shame on you.
  15. You have always been an AGIP (Any Government In Power) member. We have no airports, no schools, no hospitals, no roads, no infrastructural developments, nothing works in the East, nothing because your masters want it so. Why not tell your kindhearted Fulanis to stop caging us? We are not breathing in Nigeria; why not join hands with others to set your people free?
  16. Tell your kind masters to allow Warri, Port Harcourt and other Eastern Seaports to function so that your Igbo brothers can ‘clear’ their goods without pains. That’s kindness that will benefit millions.
  17. Television Stations in Igboland were built by humans not spirits. The fact that the contracts weren’t awarded to you doesn’t mean that others didn’t benefit from it. The same way the Fulanis made you rich, other Igbos benefitted from contracts too from Governments of Igbo speaking States. Everything must not be for you alone. Greedy man.
  18. The response to the recent viral video from Pakistan where our brother was in chains for a deal gone bad further demonstrate Igbo love, unity and kindness. The kinsmen of the captive or detainee’ came together and raised the needed money to pay his captors. That is unity, kindness and brotherhood in action.
  19. Allow us Ndi-Igbo to be. For once, think of what will benefit our people not just you alone. Be selfless not selfish and self-centered. Think about the wellbeing of your people. Talking about money clearly shows that you can sell your people for money.
  20. Giving some people fish as you have been doing is different from teaching them how to fish. What employment opportunities have you created with the billions you have? Since you are also a TV Contractor why can’t we have another MINAJ in your name?
  21. Finally, since your Fulani masters are kind, good people, can you kindly tell them to stop killing our people, raping our women and destroying farmlands? Tell them to live their lives as Fulanis and allow Igbos to live our lives as Ndi-Igbo. We must not be in the same country. If we hate ourselves, let’s do that in our homogeneous Igbo Republic. It’s not the business or concern of non-Igbos.
  22. Remember 1Timothy 6:7. Go and read it again.

Think of what you can do to set your people free and stop thinking of what you can do to impress your Northern masters.

Thank you,

Nze Igbokamma Igbogadiriri

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