Apostle Paul wrote in his epistles to the Galatians, “O foolish Galatians who has bewitched you.” (Galatians 3:1) One might pose the same questions to today’s Africans, who is hypnotizing you with money? The reason being that there is a keen similarity to what Apostle Paul was alluding to, the Galatians were being deceived by false doctrine contrary to what he taught them. The same is going on in Africa today. The stealthy Chinese strategy is to enslave Africans using slush funds and illegal loans with hard-nosed conditions that surreptitiously hamstrings Africans to the second round of forced slavery.

The Chinese are waging war in Africa in their bid towards global supremacy and direct competition with North America and Europe. The strategy is straightforward; they know the weakest point of an average African, especially the leadership. They know that greed, indiscipline, lack of love for each other, and the inability to do right by their people is an African leader’s malady. Hence, the intent and plan are pure nonetheless perilous, exploit this weakness, and leverage it to their advantage. The Chinese understand history; they know Africans are not cohesive people and have read in the history books how the British and the French deployed divide and conquer as a strategy to impoverish and plunder Africa. But they chose a different method of enslavement; money, whose love is the root of all evil.

If the Chinese had come to Africa with arms in a conventional war, then, the so-called first world and the United Nations would protest the violation of rights, which Africans do not have most of the time. The Chinese are fully aware of the ramification of any direct conflicts. They chose a different route, lend the African countries money, expecting that the money will not be used for the purpose for which the funds are budgeted. Furthermore, some of the countries lack accountability, transparency, and no compelling economic plan for repayment. If they cannot pay, the Chinese will take over their security forces and make decisions for them. The irony of this is that some Africans with a warped psyche would even hail it as a step in the right direction, thinking at least they will provide a better service than our corrupt officers. However, unwittingly, it is a ploy to get situated, and the Chinese will show their true nature as ardent oppressive taskmasters.

The Chinese could not do this on their own; they have to seek out boogeymen, and willing accomplices, the fattest of the Africans whose bellies are their God. It could be a traditional king, government official, governor, and even President of a country that would equally influence others with mutant greed. It became crystal clear from the COVID-19 pandemic that with the Chinese, there is no lost love for the Africans. It is disheartening to see how, in recent times, they have mistreated Africans with such vitriol in their country during the most horrific human tragedy in recent memory. It is no gainsaying to assert that whatever the Chinese are offering Africans is ultimately to archive their set goal and objectives. 

This bizarre enslavement strategy ginned up by the Chinese portends enormous danger for the whole continent. Africa’s youth and unborn children will be burdened by the weight of debt if the African Union and leaders fail to act now. This writer has always posited that if Africa looks inwards, they do not need this shylock offer by the Chinese. 

The African economy can survive and thrive if they would harness experienced technocrats at home and in the diaspora who had lived and worked in multinational corporations in different countries of the world to help re-plan and re-tool the future of the continent. We need to understand that there are significant differences between those who went to school overseas and those who schooled and besides worked abroad and learned the methods and processes required for success. Having a degree is not comparable to a demonstrable good experience, which outweighs even doctorate holders enmeshed with just theoretical knowledge.

The African countries scarred by thorns and thistles of corruption regrettably had enough; they do not need this pommeling by the Chinese or any other nation for that matter. Nonetheless, Africans are in a dangerous zone right now, and they borrow and spend, and yet the critical infrastructure remains comatose. 

For instance, the American government recently returned almost $311 Million of Abacha’s loot to Nigeria; anyone in their right senses would think that money stolen from the people should already have a plan on how it will serve the people judiciously. For example, it would not be a bad idea if it goes towards a critical infrastructure deficit like creating a medical village center of excellence that will stop medical tourism in Nigeria. Well, anyone’s guess is good as the writer’s, the Federal government has not even proposed projects that these monies should be bequeathed, and before you say, Jack Robinson, the funds will develop wings and fly again. Up till now, Nigeria and other African countries’ have illicit money stuffed in Britain, America, Dubai, and other Western countries financial institutions by evil Africans, which consequently stunted the development and growth of Africa. Inadvertently, this has turned the continent to borrow thrift nation. It is hard, but the blame is squarely on African people’s reticence to engage their leader, which is the product of prolonged oppressive regimes. 

Needless to say, most African countries are sitting on a time bomb that will explode in a not too distant future. If African youth whose future are being mortgaged, especially Nigeria, do not start retrospection and stop ceding their land block by block to the Chinese because of temporary palliatives, they, too, might end up like the Zambians who could not pay their debt and gave the control of their police force to the Chinese. The Chinese undoubtedly have the wherewithal to influence policies in Africa because of poverty and the fickle mindlessness of most of its citizens. Nevertheless, hobbling along and doing nothing is not an option.

Candidly, what must the African nations and their teeming youth do urgently? They need to convene a round table of experts, freedom-loving patriots, passionate citizens who care deeply about the future of the continent. That is, talking about those who could negotiate better deals in various sectors and collaborate with good-hearted or those Europeans, Japanese, Caucasian Americans, and African Americans who are not in for the gain or accolades to chart a new direction for Africa.

It is instructive to note that it is not about conferences and talks that end up with false hopes. But concise and demonstrative financial backing and actionable strategy to free Africans from the clutches of those who are disenfranchising its people. 

For example, the Indians had a strategy to export Information Technology human resource to the rest of the world, and this has worked for them, the Chinese took Industrialization or manufacturing-based economy, and it worked. Also, the Japanese chose electronics; today, they are one of the wealthiest nations with very little geographical space. The Africans need to come up with one that will work for their continent. 

The Africans certainly have the capacity, creativity, and people with keen intellect to snatch it from the jaws of the devils. There is an urgent need to stop these people (dark-hearted oppressors) in their tracks; this is doable if the Africans end being the poster child of handouts from the West or East. There must be concerted efforts to change the narratives for her people. 

The current situation is no longer tenable; there is a need for the injection of enablers and facilitators, to develop a strategy and to coordinate the adoption to propel the country to propose a “new vision” ideologically geared to improving on the progenitor’s vision in an attempt to re-brand the continent. 

By Clive Akinsola

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