….Change starts with Me….


Professor Isa Hussaini of Faculty of Pharmacy University of Maiduguri wrote:

The blame for what Nigeria has become falls on you and me. Not Buhari, not Jonathan, not Obasanjo and definitely not Abacha.

Our wickedness stinks to the heavens as we go about our daily lives, pulling down everyone and everything to become rich. We import substandard products, fake drugs and expired baby food unfit for human consumption and we have the nerve to complain about leadership?

We even steal from widows, orphans, and refugees. We take their food and sell it for profit. No conscience. Nothing is sacred. No one is spared. We build substandard roads, schools, houses, hospitals, all for profit at the expense of human life;an invaluable item which all our profit and contract sum cannot buy.

One would think this behavior is reserved for urchins but it would surprise you that this is the character of many decent looking people who appear to be normal but are not any better than Boko Haram members. They are church members, Muslims, husbands, wives and sadly youths.

We pervert justice and pretend we do not know right from wrong just to serve our selfish interests. Slave traders pale in comparison to what we do to ourselves. We are wickedness personified. So much hatred flows in our blood and we transfer it to our children. It’s evident in what we say and do.

We have fasting and prayer sessions all year long, night vigils and deliverance when the actual problem is us. We simply cannot learn to love and respect others . It is me, me, me. That is all that ever matters. It is sickening. Anyone who cannot love has no business in politics, Government and in Nigeria. Until we understand  this, we will continue on this path of destruction.

I can Change, You can Change, They can Change and We can Change by Sharing and Spreading this message….Change starts with Me….


While I partially agree with this writer, I believe a lot depends on the person at the helm of affairs of our beloved country and who are our policy makers alongside him. 

Tanzania was a total mess until President John Magufuli aka “The Bulldozer” took up the leadership position. His actions in the first 3 days, made everyone sit up immediately and today the result is visible to all and sundry. 

In Rwanda, President Paul Kigana is known as a no nonsense man hence all Rwandas have keyed behind him and the country is moving forward. 

In the first two weeks Buhari came back to power in 2015, ghost workers disappeared and much expectation greeted his return to power thinking that Late Brigadier Idiagbon was back with him to power. But soon, Nigerians discovered that he has no fire brand, his cluelessness, ethnic and religious bigotry was too evident for all to see. His choice of men in running the affairs of the country and his policies divided the country more than ever before with his 97% / 5% divisive mentality which created mayhem. Nigerians therefore lost hope in him, relaxed and gave in to their usual way of life. 

It’s clear Nigerian today, needs a Leader the people can rally behind not withstanding our individual shortcomings. I believe we know what to do but we lack that true leader who can be that rallying point to direct the movement hence the anarchy and confusion continues and there’s no end in sight soon.

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