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A Nigerian Scholarship student in Moscow, Dr. Gerald Chidubem Obi, graduates with a gold medal, meaning he had perfect grades. All As and A+s!

Dr. Gerald Chidubem Obi has made history as he became the First African To Graduate With 5.0 GP in Medicine in I.M. First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University) Russia. He hails from Anambra State in Nigeria.

First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest medical school in Russia, located in Moscow. The university was founded in 1758 as medical faculty of Imperial Moscow University and the first medical school in Russia.

Dr. Gerald Chidubem Obi, you indeed are a man of excellence and the I celebrate you.

I pray that this will be the beginning of greater things ahead. Remain diligent and burning with fire.

Dr. Gerald Chidubem Obi was not just good in books, he was also very involved in the church, the student fellowship and the community, tremendously contributing to the welfare and health of the society in general.

Below is what he penned down as his experience while passing through the university in Russia with very excellent grades and allowing the university and the world around him to pass through him.

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In the university, you encounter challenges, you experience trials and are presented with opportunities. You are left with the choice of making life changing decisions. You choose to attend classes or sit at home, to write your exams or get expelled, you choose your friends and meet people that will become part of your life. You are trained to be accountable to you and yourself alone. This is a fertile ground where you are allowed to lay the foundation of the future you’ve always admired.

This chapter of my life was full of battles that I had to fight behind closed doors, decisions that I had to make, plans that needed prompt execution. I had to take charge of my life and build my Identity capital but I’m glad that it’s ending in praise.

Today, I’m an entirely different person. I’ve completed my medical program, graduated with a summa cum laude from the best medical university in Russia, made mistakes and learnt from them, cried, laughed, travelled to countries, made friends, lost friends, met people that impacted my life and have grown.

One of the few things that I have learnt over the years is to always go for the best. There are good reasons why people pursue excellence. Obviously it advances our careers, opens unlimited doors, grants us influence, makes us stand out and gives us more opportunities to live a better life .

But personally, I think that none of these should be the primary motivator for us as we strive for excellence. We should excel for a higher fundamental purpose- because excellence is how best we reflect the character of Christ, love, serve and make IMPACTS in our generation. In other words, it should be our way of life because whatever doing is worth doing well.

I am dedicating this Gold medal to every young African youth striving for excellence. Keep pushing, believing that you can achieve it because the word impossibility never existed. Even in the syllable, there is still im-“POSSIBILTY” which implies that the word is very relative to what you believe.

Special thanks to the Nigerian Government, The Russian Government, The Federal Scholarship Board, The Rector, Director of International Students, Sechenov University for the recognition of academic excellence. I’m grateful to my parents, siblings, SFC family, the ICA church, My FMM family and friends who have supported me and applauded me in one way or the other.

And to God, all I can say is; I’m so privileged to always have you there. I’m so blessed to have you in control. I’m so honored to see your Grace lead me, carry me in your arms and fight my battles. This Award is yours, Lord.

This is just the beginning.

By Obi Gerald (M.D)

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