I have seen democracy work. It is not perfect, but it works and that is what is important. In fact, it takes both the voters and politicians to play by the rule to make it work. 

‘In England ‘ you do not arrive at the polling booth to find men with revolvers telling you which way to vote, nor are the votes miscounted, nor is there any direct bribery. George Orwell wrote about his country in 1946. 

I can tell you that it is true because I have voted at several elections and I have neither seen police nor soldiers nor a long queue. I have never heard of someone being killed because of election violence. 

I have never been accredited nor my vote not counted. Once I had arrived at the pooling station without my voters card, my identity was verified and I voted. 

However, I have seen political parties tried, convicted and finned for breaking electoral rules and candidates disqualified for breaking electoral rules. 

England is not a perfect country, there are beggars and the homeless on the streets. It is not even a perfect democracy. It has unelected House of Lords and a Monarchy. 

It is not a mono-ethnic nation, it has the Welsh, Scots, English and Irish. However, it has one thing going for it, it believes in the rule of law and it works its democracy to work. 

How I wish I can say the same about my beloved country of origin Nigeria, where I was forced to flee 23 years ago by corruption, violence and discrimination because of my ethnicity and stand against corruption. 

In Nigeria, election is war. The politicians send their children to the safety of England and America and recruit the people whose future they destroyed to destroy themselves on their behalf. 

You hear ministers threatening violence, while the president seats beside with a smile on his face. 

You hear of election results being compiled before the election and ballot papers misdirected and withheld from areas where the opposition is strong. 

One hears of people being killed because they belong to the wrong party and ethnic groups ganging up against a particular party. 

To say that the Nigerian political scene is sickening is to be most polite. 

Men who have spent 8 years stealing and siphoning state resources, which should have been used to build and equip schools, universities and hospital and build road and provide power, into their private pockets and that of all their family members, line up to insult the people to return them to power or send them to the Senate. 

Men who fan the flame of extremism, religious intolerance, and ethnic bigotry contest for offices to exercise power over all and advance the sectarian interest of their ethnic group and religion.

When a government no longer represents those who did not vote for it and justify discrimination on the basis of vote, the government sets the country on the road to hell. The government becomes a tyranny of the majority. 

I cannot bear the Nigerian political class. They make me sick. 

God, please help Nigerians to help themselves. 

By E.O. Eke

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