Buhari, now is the opportunity to redeem yourself and your government.


I think the demise of Abba Kyari offers President Buhari an opportunity to redeem himself and his government.

Buhari’s deficiencies are well exposed now by the inept and incompetent government he had been running since 2015, with attendant sufferings and hardships unleashed on Nigerians.

The best way for Buhari & his government to redeem themselves now is for him to do exactly what he did in 1984 by giving more administrative powers to his deputy.

The goodwill Buhari is enjoying today among his biased & sentimental supporters is due mainly to the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) campaign championed then by his deputy Brig-Gen Tunde Idiagbon which gave him a “false aura of incorruptability”.

But present / recent events have proven that this Buhari government is one of the worst we have ever exprienced in Nigerian history. It is well acknowledged that Buhari’s deputy Prof Yemi Osinbajo can run a better government than General Buhari judging from his performance when he “acted” as President during Buhari’s absence on sick leave.

Recall that Naira gained strength from around N505 / $ to N365 / $ during that brief Osinbajo acting period.

We saw sanity in the polity with the sacking of Mamman Daura for his excesses, the restoration of peace in the Niger Delta, the confirmation of a substantive chief justice of the Federation after an unduly excessive “acting” period which nearly led to a constitutional crisis, broadcasting live to the nation in a way that showed personal touch among others.

If we can eschew sentiments now, we all should speak up to ensure that the right & best thing is done for the interest of the nation.



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