On the evacuation plane back to the US, it is hard for me to believe after 35 years the reason I returned to Nigeria was a fraud, a total fraud. I returned based on the belief that Nigeria was destined for a greater future with Buhari, that corruption will be addressed head on, that nepotism will be fought and eradicated, that militancy will wane and disappear under this military general, a colossal disappointment.

I returned to the clarion call for us to rebuild Nigeria to once again be the Giant of Africa. I packed up my family and all that I owned in property, financial and otherwise to bear upon my commitment to support this leader. I came home gleefully to support my nation, only to discovered that, I, like many others before me have been duped. There was no leader or leadership, it was an army of bandits without guns parading as leaders with a quest to rape the country I call my motherland. I had been sold a bridge in New York by crooks in Nigeria.

Today, I can attest without the slightest hesitation that the Nigeria State is an organized crime put together to loot the resources of the country. At the helm of the organization is absent leadership. Whether by accident or intentional, the General has organized the smoothest group of criminals to tear this nation apart. He personally engaged in nepotism and ethnic rooted policies to support their efforts and to tear the nation apart and now on the verge of disintegration.

Buhari’s ethnic and bigoted policies has finally woken up the Yoruba’s, the most genteel of all giants in Africa. He has allowed the genie to be let out of the bottle. The Fulani race is about to face its first massive defeat since it was stopped in Ilorin. Unlike the Igbos who seems to have united after a single leader, whose tendencies and statement can be described as dictator in practice. The Yoruba’s are speaking from many points and many leaders, the yearning for Odua Nation is like a beast with multiple heads that cannot be contained. Unlike the silencing and chasing away of Nnamdi Kanu, the Nigeria security forces must now invade the Yoruba race to contain the crisis unleashed by this incompetent General at the helm of the nation’s affairs or the nation will seat at the table and restructure. One thing is for certain this train has left the station. As an American citizen and a practicing democrat, the Yoruba’s are already demonstrating their intellectual superiority to other ethnic group in their methodical, quiet but strategic approach to the disintegration of the Nigeria state. It is cerebral, thoughtful, strategic intellectual almost precision like attack on the foundation of Nigeria. They are organized and spoken for by many leaders but in unison, unlike the Igbos the foundation for a practicing democracy is being laid right from the gate.

The intellectual prowess cannot be understated on how they intend to get global support and recognition for the objective of Odua nation. They started by questioning the structure of the nation, the source and legitimacy of the 1999 current constitution is being challenged on all fronts, they are challenging massive local governments created for the north by the north (see the disparity between Kano and Lagos LA numbers), to syphon money from the south, Yoruba’s have raised global awareness to underage voting used by northern leaders to capture votes, delegitimizing national elections, the unworthy leadership role of many northern leaders, they point to the backwardness of the north and Feudal system it wants to introduce to Nigeria, the almajiri lifestyle, the massive uneducated population, then comes the Fulani Herdsmen marauding and attacking and killing people across the nations, the slaughter of Christians under the watchful eyes of El Rufai in Southern Kaduna and across the north. Yoruba leaders have sent the first volley across the bowel of northern hegemonistic and ethnic bigots with the solidarity shown in the formation of Amotekun, a statement of force-de-jour, a notice of willingness to fight, a quiet shot at the bowel of the northern oligarchs. Then it elected a new and vocal Areonakakanfo, the traditional Yoruba minister of defense.

The intellectual prowess of the Yoruba nation is in full display as the “Are” began to tear apart, slowly, those Yoruba leaders who may want to play the role of Afonja of the 21st century. Yoruba nation is preparing the ground for the challenges ahead of it. The leader at Aso villa, General Buhari could not have given a greater support to this movement than his bigoted approach to governance, assigning more than 70% of all national leadership position to the north, disregarding constitutional requirements and demonstrating disdain for the rule of law. Even his wife cried out in alarm. The northern cabal have been syphoning money out of the nation’s coffers almost as if going to the market to taking things off the shelf at will without paying for it, and the scandals are coming to light; it will be sad for all Nigerians if the general’s wife turn out to be right, her alarm to the nation on what is going on was quite grave.

Many people have decried the British for the untenable position Nigeria finds itself, because it handed the country to the least educated and least capable section of the country. Most see it as a deliberate strategy to keep Nigeria in bondage. A successful Nigeria will dwarf most European nations economically and be a powerful state to be reckoned with militarily. It is now a nation turned into rubbles by ethnicity, bigoted thievery, and corruption. I have never considered security a serious issue for Nigeria, as most are calculated, planned, and fermented by those who want to continue to hold on to power. Nigerians are generally, a peaceful people, even the primary agitators, the Igbos will be peaceful in a fair and equitable structure.

Nigeria was like a pile of rubble that needed to be cleaned up, sorted out and settled until the old General stepped in to light fire to the rubble. He brought an army of cabal into office with him, began ethnic cleansing of government agencies and departments, just as it all started in Rwanda. National agencies and bodies overtaken and overrun by one section of the country. 95% of the nation’s security in the hands of one ethnic group. The nations primary revenue source is dominated by one ethnic group. For the first time since before independence the arch rivals, Yoruba and Igbo are talking of working together to face the north, in their quest for the disintegration of the Nigeria State, these are dire consequences of putting a bigoted, ethnic, nepotist in office. Buhari actions (or his cabal as his wife has claimed) and decisions are a threat to the union and the nation, even his cabal must see this, even their selfish interest should be enough to make them pull back and stop the nation from the brink of disintegration. The north will have catastrophic crisis should the nation break apart.

Northern youths have extreme disregard for life from the type of killings we are witnessing from marauding herdsmen, they will eat their leader like hyenas feeding on a wounded lion. The cabal and north feudal system will be torn to pieces. Hausa will wake to understand there is no race called Hausa Fulani but a rouse to deceive, steal and cajole the Hausa to support it. The Fulani will find himself near extinction in the north. Enough of the stealing, enough of the nepotism already. There are many smart intelligent Fulani’s amongst us, they see it, they know it and they speak quietly against what is going on, but now is the time to be vociferous and loud before everything falls apart. Former Emir of Kano was speaking but they took him, history is about to prove him right. How the NNPC becomes a north only organization in a nation as diverse as ours is baffling. I say to the south, embrace the Hausa youth running south for a better life, take the time to educate them, love them, treat them with kindness, show them what it feels like to be at home in your own home, let them go back to the north with the knowledge, let them figure thin out on their own.
Something is terribly wrong.

I am a Nigerianist by nature, I believe strongly in the nation ‘Nigeria”, but those beliefs are waning. The Fulani’s instinct to be treacherous is legendary and I have been at the end of the short stick many times since returning home to help my country; it is real, and I can attest to it. It is understandable why many want to leave the union. I believed in Nigeria because unlike many other nations we hold many unique positions in this world. We are the largest population of black people on earth, instead of leading by example we give fodder to those who say black people cannot be leaders or even lead themselves.

We are the most educated black people on earth, just go to America UK, Germany and look at the accomplishments of Nigerians everywhere. We are 58% of West Africa making us the regional powerhouse, sharing that envious position with only 3 other nations on earth. America, Russia, and China. Instead our General is ceding that position to China as it has slowly encroached on our territory and will soon find territory to build a military base that will forever negative that envious position we hold.

China is our natural competitor economically, that is if we have leaders with vision who can seat like military generals and plan with precision to win in the battlefield of nation building. I challenge everyone to open the map of the world and spread it eagle, take a ruler, and draw on the world map from the north to South and West to East and you will find Nigeria smack in the middle of it. Nigeria is the center of the world. Nigeria, not China should be the manufacturer for the world. We have land mass, talented, youthful, and exuberant population. If we manufacture for the worlds we can deliver to almost any nation in half the times and less the cost it takes to do it from China, we can deliver cheap labor to get it done. Instead our leaders are running hat in hand to China for loans. Like the northern feudal system, we see no need to invest in human capacity. Northern leaders are notorious for giving their youth wheelbarrows, hoes, ropes, and all manners of embarrassing job creation tools while emptying the State’s coffers. General Buhari has upped the game with his corrupt, banditry infested administration, some southern leaders have learned the game and looking to practice feudal system, except the south has too many intellectuals and youthful dreamers, there is a day of reckoning for those Yoruba leaders and their children who joined the race to rape the Yoruba land. A lion surrounded by genteel males will one day encounter a ferocious lion eating Lion that will devour it.

The day is near, start counting.
Here I am on the Corona virus evacuation plane back to America with my family and everything I could scrounge together, what a colossal waste of my money and time, I am overcome by a sad feeling in the pits of my belly leaving you behind, my fellow Nigerians. I weep and pray for you. Goodbye for now.

I believed in Nigeria I am just not sure anymore.

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