Finally, the Fulani Oligarchy have revealed their true intentions for Nigeria. It is a land they hope to conquer and possess. A land, where they want to lay claim to all its grasses for their cows. For this, they are prepared to kill, kidnap, burn villages and abandon their obligation to the country that made them and which they swore an oath to protect. 

Buhari has spoken, give up your ancestral land to Fulani terrorists or die. This is the sum total of all the posturing, silence and apparent helplessness of the police and army, while Fulani terrorist sponsored by the Miyetti Allah lay waste to lives, communities and properties in Nigeria. The question remains, what kind of people do nothing in the face of such existential threat? 

It is now very clear that it is not if, Fulani terrorists will kill you for your land, it is when and how they will do it. 

This is the reason why the current attitude of Nigerians to Fulani terrorism is not only bewildering and unacceptable, but irresponsible and mindless, to say the least.

It is unbelievable that Nigerians are sanguine about Fulanis continuing to carry AK47 illegally, while the Buhari government intensifies the use of the police and army to disarm people from other ethnic groups, who hold their licensed weapons legally. 

It is clear to me that the Nigerian security forces has no interest in protecting Nigerians against Fulani terrorism and every Nigerian community, which wants to keep their ancestral land should assemble men and women armed with AK47. Their men should teach their wives, sons and daughter how to use AK47. This is what the Fulanis have done. 

Why should the government force the people to give up their land for Fulanis to use and conduct private business? 

What is happening under Buhari’s government to other ethnic groups only happens to people, who are not free. 

If the herdsmen were Yorubas or Ijaws, would Buhari force states to donate their land to them? 

Would Buhari tell the police and army to turn a blind eye? Would Buhari give them 100 billion Naira? Would Buhari refuse to declare a group like Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group? 

In the future, when Igbos, Yorubas, Tivs etc., lands would be under Emirs, the people would ask, what type of people gave up their land without a fight to a people, who are armed and ready to kill them without reason? 

 The attitude of southern leaders to this Fulani cancer is not a solution. It is cowardice and lack of leadership by ignorant, selfish and self serving leaders, who will do anything to appease evil. Such attitude only emboldens, not assuage, the oppressor. T Y Danjuma was right, fight for your land and life and give your self and people a chance, or die waiting for the same government behind your woes to defend you and lose everything. 

Nigerians would be fools to allow the Buhari government to spend two trillion Naira to secure Fulani settlements all over Nigeria. 

I wish those states which have donated lands for Fulani RUGA or colonies luck. They have sowed the seed of their eventual destruction. 

History tells us that the Fulanis, like all conquers do not share. They come to conquer, dominate, possess and plunder. 

Buhari’s four years in power, his attitude to Fulani herdsmen terrorism and Miyetti Allah should have taught every Nigerian what Fulanis like Buhari and members of his group think of Nigeria other Nigerians. 

I have argued for several years that the special treatment given to Fulanis and their livestock business in Nigeria is discriminatory because it is not extended to farmers and traders from other ethnic groups. 

Cattle herding is a private business, why is Nigerian government subsidizing it, when it is not extending the same facilities to others?

This is equivalent to government building a market and asking traders to use it without paying rent or giving land and seeds to farmers and not expecting anything in return.

In fact, there is a better reason why the funding of Fulani herdsmen is retrogressive. 

The world is changing, attitude to animals are changing and people are adopting vegetarian and vegan diet. Therefore, the future is vegetarianism, not meat eating.

The world is reducing meat eating. What the Buhari administration is doing in pursuing the Miyetti Allah Fulani supremacist agenda is the equivalent of investing in combustion engine, when the world is investing in electric and hydrogen cars. 

It is a clear transfer of common wealth to an ethnic group, which has been waging war against the country. This is as unjust as it is immoral. 

It is telling the communities which have paid the blood price of Fulani herdsmen terrorism that they do not matter. 

Buhari is laying the foundation that would turn Nigeria into Afghanistan as the communities already dispossessed of their land begin to fight back. 

As fulani cows turn their colonies into deserts, as has happened in the places the Fulanis are migrating from, this conflict will deepen and become intractable. 

The government investment in Fulani land grab is misguided and wrong. It is a caulated and well thought out selfish plan to support Miyetti Allah of which Buhari is a member. 

It says loudly that the Buhari’s Administration supports Fulani herdsmen war on Nigerian communities to take over farm lands by force for cattle rearing and exclusive use of Fulanis. 

It says that the Nigerian government is sectarian minded, supports Fulani belief of conquest and is prepared to aid their quest to take over other people’s land. 

However, the most surprising thing is that this evil was approved by the Nigerian National Executive Council and not a single politician from the south opposed it. 

It would therefore seem that Nigeria is already conquered by the Fulanis and Nigerians at risk have been failed by those they elected to represent and fight for their interest and future. 

Therefore, Nigerians must now stand up for their freedom and tell Bihari, Miyetti Allah and Fulani terrorists, enough is enough. 

What Buhari and Miyetti Allah do not know is that wise people never aspire to conquer others. History tells us that every congest comes to an end as the Babylonians, Mido-Persians, Greece, Romans, Germans, English etc., found out. 

Every injustice and oppression is resisted. Every tyranny is opposed and comes to an end and eventually men fight and reject evil and injustices. Men are programmed to resist injustices and evils. 

The lesson. Use power to treat men justly, ensure equality of opportunities, Reward merit and avoid prejudice and discriminations. 

These are the only ways to ensure peace amongst men of different ethnicities and religions. Injustices and oppressions strength the ties of ethnicity and religion and drive a wedge between people of different ethnicities and religions. 

Justice and equality are the ropes that bind men together. They are the building blocks with which peaceful coexistence amongst men. 

No one can treat men differently because of their ethnicity and or religion and gain their confidence, loyalty and respect. 

The loyalty of men oppressed on the basis of ethnicity and or religion can only be maintained through coercion. However, With time, every man comes to the point where he must choose between freedom or servitude and resistance becomes both a choice and duty. 

Buhari and Miyetti Allah must now stop watering the seed of Nigeria’s disintegration by ending Fulani herdsmen terrorism, disarming Fulani terrorists and ensuring that Fulanis play by the same rule as others or watch every ethnic group in Nigeria arm. 

By E O Eke 

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