The Anambra of our dream have been seriously eroded for the past eight years. She is presently in the cusp of financial collapse with its attendant effects being experienced by the masses. The insensitive nature of our government coupled with chronic shambles and underdevelopment. Anambra State urgently needs a redemption and the ample time for the deserved change is now. 

As the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recently released the timetable for the forthcoming Anambra gubernatorial election, billed for 6th November, 2021, the pendulum of focus has sharply and swiftly shifted to the activities of the various political parties wishing to participate in the said election. The onus lies on these parties to present formidable as well as credible candidates from whom the electorates/masses will choose the best from the contenders. The well informed decisions the political parties on this particular issue will make or mar the next administration that will come on board till the next four years. 

There are pertinent questions these political parties need to ask themselves especially the People’s Democratic Party(PDP). These salient questions include; What caliber of person do we present to Ndi Anambra?, Does the person has all it takes to salvage Anambra State from the present ruins?, Is this the right time to make that informed decision of choosing a seasoned technocrat instead of career politicians?. All these questions and more needs to be considered by our delegates in choosing the right candidate that will fly the party’s flag come November 6, 2021. 

Looking critically at the gubernatorial aspirants in the PDP, the delegates need not consult a clairvoyance in order to pick the right and the best contender, who happens to be the world renowned triple professor of medical science – The Lion of Africa, Okosisi Orumba, Dr. Godwin Maduka. He’s by far the most qualified aspirant among the till, He stands tall in all indices and whatever the criteria. He’s all fired up for the onerous task of rescuing our dear State from this current economic mess and restoring her to a prosperous State. It is important for all the PDP delegates to note that the future survival of our dear State is sacrosanct and nonnegotiable. PDP and the delegates should not sacrifice their conscience on the alter of politics as well as paltry porridge. It is time to remove the cloak of deceits from our political space and usher in a new era of professionalism, good governance and corruption free State. We cannot get it right by resorting to the retarded status quo. The informed decision to make during the party primaries is to queue behind Dr. Godwin Maduka. His revered antecedents are well chronicled and available in the public domain. His uniqueness radiates throughout the State vis-a-vis entire country. It will be a great disservice to Ndi Anambra if PDP tends to deny Dr. Maduka the party’s ticket. Dr. Maduka has fully paid his dues in all spheres of life and he needs the party’s platform as a launching pad to the greater things he envisioned for Anambra State. 

Pause a minute, think about what becomes of Anambra State under the astute and focused leadership of Dr. Maduka?. The answer is mind-bugging, considering what he has achieved privately without blemish or breaking a sweat. All his success stories were a product of his visions, courage, intellect, professionalism shrewdness, foresight as well as God’s providence.

Anambra State will be tremendously transformed simultaneously once Dr. Maduka takes the saddle. Nigerians travels abroad for relaxations, medical tourism and for commercial purposes, all because of bad leadership occasioned by present crop of clueless and visionless leaders. The sad tale of our dear State cum country will be a thing of the past as Dr. Maduka has clear cut policies, blueprint as well as the requisite knowledge to put Anambra State back to the world map in the area of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, well coordinated economy, best transport system, reliable energy, world class healthcare, workable Agriculture, close knit and effective security and much more. He has already replicated some of these visions on a personal scale and only needs our pat on his back by virtue of giving him the PDPP’s gubernatorial ticket in order to continue with his vision of transformation massively in Anambra State. 

The PDP delegates have a pact with destiny, and posterity will be kind to them if they finally settle for Dr. Maduka. They will always have it in the back of their minds the timeless postulation of John Wooden that “the time test of a man’s character is what he has done when no one is watching”. Dr. Maduka clearly did exceedingly well when the focus was not on him. I staunchly believe in my right mind, if given the necessary support by the delegates, Dr. Maduka will amplify his efforts a notch higher. Your guess is as good as mine what he will do with our collective supports, goodwill as well as patrimony in our dear State – Anambra. 

PDP give us Dr. Maduka ooooo! 

By: Onwurah Chinonso Anthony (Equity Lawyer)

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