“Jagaban is a political muse. His political persona is a course of study in the Faculty of Politics and the Department of Strategy. He is a smart politician and strategist in the Nigerian polity.”

The question above is my trepidation (fear) of Naija politics. The question also gives this author a sleepless night! The Nigerian youths have failed woefully to rediscover themselves. The youths are motivated by greed, grandstanding, and political opportunism. I have watched closely with a keen interest, the politics of Nigeria dated back to the Late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s era in politics. I am a sturdied Awoist! I love the blunt but progressive politics of Awo. 

The current political dispensation in Nigeria is not fair enough to assuage my fear of the impending and defining moment of 2023. Nigeria is polarized along so many social and geopolitical idiosyncrasies. Tinubu seems audacious to bring benevolent democracy to get the acts of everyone together in Nigeria. The dashed expectation of this author and some other Progressives was that Buhari was coming to revolutionalize our political climate. But Buhari has failed to bring about much expected benevolent democracy to anxious and anticipated Nigerians. 

In retrospect, what Nigeria needs now is a government that resembles Tinubu’s administration under the government of Mr. Tortoise (Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo) in 1999. After the return to democracy, and Jagaban brilliantly served as an elected Senator for the Lagos West Constituency in Lagos State, Nigeria in 1993. Senator Tinubu was elected governor of Lagos State, holding office from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007. Tinubu’s progressive administration changed the formula of governance in Lagos State. Nigerians are a paradox of people, and very difficult but easy to govern if you know their psychology and use it to their advantage. “A benevolent dictatorship refers to a government in which an “authoritarian leader” exercises absolute political power over the state but is perceived to do so with a regard for benefit of the population.” Tinubu brought the government of inclusiveness. He factored in and used the impeccable human capital and astute administrators to lead Lagos State. The rest is amused history!

Though, this author has not functionally endorsed Senator Ahmed Tinubu for 2023. And Tinubu has not officially come out for the 2023 presidential race. But it is obvious that Jagaban is the only one I know for now that can reorder our misnomer of politics; brings youth along with progressive ideas and refined political ideology. In agitation, after Buhari, what next? Nigeria might return to more chaos or possibly (God forbids) a state of dystopia. Tinubu knows the strategy of bringing to fore the progressive government of inclusion, and elicitation of the youth from their idiocy and political slumbers. 

Jagaban is a force to reckon with; and a political muse for smart minds. Tinubu’s soft-spoken but brave voice is an examination for serious students in Naija politics. Jagaban’s political persona is a course of study in the Faculty of Politics and the Department of Strategy in the institutions of politics in Nigeria. Love Jagaban or hate him, Tinubu remains a smart and benevolent strategist in the Nigerian polity today. Let’s keenly watch Ogbonge Jagaban as we inch and wobble into the unfolding Nigeria 2023! 

By Yahaya Balogun 

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