A Classical Response of A Christian to Another Christian on Donald Trump Issue


Sir, I may not have responded to your comments if you have not mentioned the Bible and your believe! I know you to be an MFM pastor too! So I deem it fit as a Christian’s obligation to respond and see the possible ways to help you if I may.

I don’t want to go into unwarranted argument about unnecessary issues. I don’t use acetaminophen for other people’s headache. But permit me ask you a few questions.

From your points which I have known to be your stance before Mr Trump became the US president in 2016, I want to believe that you as a Christian, you’re a supporter of Mr Obama administration. I could remember you telling me about Hillary as the best choice.

  1. When Obama, your first African man to be an American President was in office, you as a church pastor (MFM specifically were so happy that your president promoted Homosexuality and unhappy that Mr Trump overturned that legislation when he assumed office. Yet he is the Devil?
  2. You, a pastor, were happy that Obama promoted Abortion and President Trump overturned that legislation on assumption of office. Yet he is the Devil?
  3. You were happy that Obama Established and Promoted Abortionist clinics all over America promoting the killing of foetuses and helpless children for commercial use, including such clinics in your home nation Nigeria, Trump came and changed that, stopped the funding of such clinics worldwide, yet he’s the Devil according to your understanding of who a dievil is?
  4. You were in the USA when Obama with Mr Clinton were Promoting the Islamisation of our own country Nigeria, the support you had for Buhari in Nigeria. Mr Trump came and called out all these people, yet he’s a Devil?
  5. You were in the USA when same Obama sanctioned some countries in Africa, including Nigeria for not allowing Gays and Lesbians in their countries (an idea I am convinced you were comfortable with as a church pastor) and Trump came and opposed both Islamic movement on Africa and Nigeria and reversed Obama sanctions on those countries, yet he’s a Devil to you?
  6. Obama gave his full support to Iran, Egypt Yemen, Syria, and other Islamic nations around Israel while he withdrew his support for Israel (I don’t know if you have visited Jerusalem as a pilgrim, though I haven’t anyway), Trump came and overturned all that, yet he’s a devil? Those weapons Obama gave to those nations have become their bane, wars continues in those countries till now while the God of peace keeps Israel and Jerusalem. That’s by the way.
  7. Obama loaded an Aircraft with raw cash, flown it to Iran under the CIA watch, gave it to an Islamic Ayatollah who sponsors Islamic uprising in your home nation Nigeria and in the middle East, even attempted an assassination on a Saudi Ambassador in the US where you live, Trump challenged Iran and changed all that, yet he is the Devil?
  8. Obama in his days as your President, signed a nuclear deal with a nation that vows to destroy Israel, sponsors its proxies in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon, Trump came and overturned all that, recognised Jerusalem as Israeli capital and moved the American Embassy there, yet, as a church pastor, he’s the Devil?
  9. Mr Trump had children who don’t smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, and you all can see those children as a model of responsible children, you’re a pastor I believe you know political & church leaders both in the USA and overseas, show anyone of them with such parenting quality and family record. Your Democratic party candidate Joseph Biden (Joseph, what a Bible name, your next messiah after Obama whose VP he was) has members of his family as homosexual, he promoted Homosexuality and Abortion and he still does. Yet to you, a pastor, Trump is the Devil?
  10. Obama legalised the use of drug, cannabis in schools, introduced unisex Toilets in schools and public places where no Gender was respected (unisex toilet maybe in your church too), Trump called it an Evil act and misleading policy, yet he’s the Devil you know?
  11. Obama told us that boys can now dress like a girl if they feel threatened or they feel they’re in a wrong body, parents were encouraged to put their children who felt they were in a wrong sexual body on hormone therapy and allow such a child to change his/her sexuality. Mr Trump changed that, yet you a pastor claimed he’s a Devil?
  12. Obama changed the definitions of marriage & family to include the coupling of same sex marriage, satanist came out to start their churches of Satan with African Americans and Latinos as priests etc, Trump came and stopped that, yet he’s to you a Devil?
  13. About youth in America, while Obama introduced drugs, and said openly that youth in colleges should be allowed to take certain prescribed amount of weed, Trump came and said it was travesty against our youth to do that while Americans are battling opioid menace that got to a peak under Obama. Trump changed all that. Yet Trump is a Devil to you, a pastor?
  14. Talking about military and infrastructural developments in the USA. While the American youths were being vandalised by their African American president Obama, China was busy developing its youth, America has no more inventors (check your iPhone, you may be lucky to have it assembled in california, otherwise even its battery came from China. All these happened under the Democratic party and Obama under whom China became second largest economy). Trump is gradually changing that, yet he’s a Devil?
  15. About Jobs and Economy in America, it is up to you to judge if rightly you may. Go through job, and American Economic statistics since Trump came in in 2016. Yet “he’s a Devil and Pathological liar” according to you?
  16. And many more…

Sorry sir, I wouldn’t blame most people, including church people and pastors, who regurgitate what they’re fed with by the cable news network (CNN) and other leftist, satanist news/print media. These people are just another products of America’s re-engineered brains. The young men and women so lazy to read, research, investigate, search and follow information on their own but have to repeat one wrong sentence like a broken disk.

This is the kind of people we have both in the American society today and in fact such people are more in churches today than they are outside the church. People who see good as evil and see evil as good not even knowing what the Bible says on most matters of life and godliness.

Pastors and overseers who find it appealing to be associated with Occultic people and morally/spiritually corrupt politicians and political systems.

Men and women who think the upside-downward way. May God deliver us as a People! We have them in the
world Organisations and world Agencies too.

Sir, take a thought on these things… And I would like to suggest that you should find out the mind of God on matters raised here from the Holy Bible you claim to have believed.

Philippians 4:8-9 summarise my message to you….

“Finally my brethren, whatsoever things are honest,… just,… pure,..of good report… If there be any virtue,… any praise, think on these things… And the God of peace shall be with you”

Thanks for your time and happy day ahead.

Please sir. We must break this spell cast by satanists on Americans that has blindfolded many

Mr Kmax the father of Communism vowed to dethrone God and enthrone Satan. Their plans to achieve this is contained in a document titled 45 goals of communist to destroy America.

Democrats have been pursuing this goals. Please Google it.

Joshua said, choose this day whom to serve, but as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.

Moses called unto the Israelites, who is on the Lord side?

Shalom! Its worth Reading and worth Sharing

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